Egg Oil Results:

Matt T. – October 2019

I’ve mainly used the egg oil cream and it is a nice cream. It’s easy to apply and not too oily. It absorbs well into my skin and easily washes off my hands after. I don’t need to wash my hands, but I’m fussy about clean, dry hands. A lot of people have commented on how much my skins improved too. The fall/winter as it gets colder and drier out, my skin usually gets worse. But it’s gotten better this year.

Tyler F. – July 2019

I used this product on the psoriasis I have in my ears and knees and it worked wonders within a few. I’ve used many products that are filled with a bunch of chemicals none of which I had any idea what they were. I really like how this product is simple and works great. Having psoriasis and sensitive skin made it hard finding something but I’m happy I found this.

Lucas – May 2019

I have way more confidence now that my eczema has improved. After just a week of egg oil, my itching was far less than before and it is continuing to imrpove!

Laila S. – August 2019

I love this product. Used it on my 1-year old daughter who had severe eczema all over her hands, chin, arms, legs, and feet.
Within 3 days, the redness had disappeared from her skin, and within 1 week, her skin looked new again! Knowing the ingredients are all safe gave me peace of mind, as she’s teething and constantly has her hands in her mouth. I didn’t want to use a product with harmful chemicals for this very reason. I would highly recommend this product.

Raquel P. – July 2019

I’m a nurse and have to wash my hands all the time at work. This makes my hands really dry and prone to eczema. One week of doing a daily night-treatment of eczema has made a massive difference to my skin. It is no longer cracked and bleeding, just a bit flaky. I will continue to use egg oil and am excited to see my eczema disappear completely.

Alex L. – February 2021

I bought a new moisturizer recently, and I should have known better than to try a product that wasn’t explicitly for sensitive skin. But, of course, I ended up with a huge bout of eczema on my face and it was very painful! I started using the Face Oil product for 2 days, applying every few hours, and I was really noticing a difference, but because it sinks into the skin so easily, I thought I’d add a second layer of product. For the next 2 days I then tried the Egg Peptide Face Cream and the results were phenomenal! I’ve never seen my eczema clear up so rapidly! Within a day my face was less red, my pimples had started going away, and the eczema area was healing. A couple days later, my eczema was completely gone. I used to use steroid creams for my eczema and I never felt good about that as I’ve heard it can be very detrimental for skin in the long run. Vitellus’ natural products will be my go-to from now on!

HDLevate Results:

 Jeff J – June 2019

I started HDLevate in November 2018. By March 2019, my LDL and Triglycerides dropped considerably. As of May, 2019, my LDL dropped 58 % and my Triglycerides went down 67%. HDL went up 5%. (Apparently that is a good thing)

What I really liked, was that I didn’t even change my diet or start some crazy exercise regime. (Even though I probably should have just to be healthier in general) It has now been 6 months and I will continue to take HDLevate.

I highly recommend this product to help if you have ANY cholesterol concerns. Thank you Vitellus!

Was – 5.79 mmol/L (224 mg/dl)
Now – 2.4 mmol/L (169 mg/dl)
58% Drop

Was – 0.82 mmol/L (31.7 mg/dl)
Now – 0.86 mmol/L (34.4 mg/dl)
Increased 5%

Was – 6.41 mmol/L (568 mg/dl)
Now – 2.12 mmol/L (214 mg/dl)
Dropped 67%

 D.P. – December 2019

I didn’t have high cholesterol to begin with and I’m a very active guy, but I wanted to get ahead of any potential problems by trying HDLevate to increase my HDL and improve my cholesterol risk ratio. I took 6 pills per day for 3 months and then for the second 3 months I took 3 pills per day on average but wasn’t very strict with it. My HDL increased by 13% while moderate reductions in LDL/HDL ratio (down 12%) and LDL Cholesterol (down 8%) were achieved. I think these are very positive indications of what HDLevate can do!

I J – July 2019

My doctor originally prescribed me drugs last year to lower my cholesterol. I have heard and read a lot of bad things about taking these. A friend told me about HDLevate so I gave it a shot.

I took 2 pills three times a day and then went down to 1 pill 3 times a day. My blood test showed my LDL went down 40%! (After 2 months)

I lost a little weight too, but not sure if it is from this product.

Ian R – June 2019

I consider myself a “gym rat” and definitely watch what I eat. High cholesterol runs in my family and that is my motivation to look after my body. Not sure if it is my genes or just that I eat a lot of food to keep my energy levels up, but I am always being warned by my doctor that my cholesterol is high.

I have tried Niacin supplements, Psyllium, Flax Seed, blah blah blah. So many natural products but my cholesterol did not get any better.

I am now on month 3 of HDLevate and this is where I am at so far:

Was – 4.3 mmol/L (166 mg/dl)
Now – 2.6 mmol/L (100 mg/dl)
Dropped 40%

Was – 4.51 mmol/L (399 mg/dl)
Now – 2.25 mmol/L (199 mg/dl)
Dropped 50%

Vitellus captures the natural benefits of egg yolk extracts in evidence-based supplements and cosmetics to support your health and vitality.

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Vitellus captures the natural benefits of egg yolk extracts in evidence-based supplements and cosmetics to support your health and vitality.

Copyright © 2018 Vitellus. All rights reserved.
Designed by FlyMe Digital.