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30 mL

A revitalizing skin oil packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants to soothe, protect, and hydrate your skin. It penetrates deep into the skin to renew the lipid barrier and seal-in moisture. It’s anti-inflammatory properties will reduce redness and it’s anti-bacterial properties will protect against acne-causing bacteria.

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This is a high-quality product made with extra virgin 100% pure egg oil. It also contains coconut and camellia seed oil for additional fatty acids and antioxidants. Lavender, patchouli, and ylang ylang essential oils are used for their aromatherapeutic and skin benefits.

Suitable for all skin types, excellent for dry, oily, acne-prone, and ageing skin.


After cleansing and before applying a facial cream, use two or three drops on your hands to massage over the face and neck. You can also mix it into your daily face cream.


  • Egg Oil – enhances penetration of lipids, reinforces skin barrier, anti-inflammatory, clears pores, anti-bacterial
  • Coconut Oil – moisturizes skin, good for sensitive and eczema prone skin
  • Camellia Oil – anti-inflammatory, contains essential antioxidants and treats skin conditions like dermatitis
  • Lavender Oil – treats acne, blemishes, and scarring and is excellent for ageing and eczema prone skin
  • Patchouli Oil – excellent for mature skin to renew the skin and may decrease signs of ageing
  • Ylang Ylang – good for oily skin to reduce oil production, clears pores to prevent acne and blemishes

Formulated with all-natural ingredients and no parabens, sulfates and phthalates. It is noncomedogenic and free of synthetic fragrances

Please also note that some of the fats in this oil are solid at room temperature. This may give the oil a “cloudy” appearence. This cloudiness is proof of the purity of this oil, showing that all the heavier fats have been left in the product rather than removed during “refining”. You can heat up the bottle under warm water to return these fats to liquids, or just give the bottle a shake before use to ensure they are well distributed in the oil. Please contact us if you have any questions about our egg oil.

For more information about the benefits of egg oil, please check out Ecovatec Solutions Inc’s White Papers on the Skin and Hair Applications of Egg Oil or check out the 100% pure extra virgin egg oil page to learn more about the components of egg oil.

Other blogs/websites that discuss the benefits of egg oil:


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2 reviews for Nourishing Egg Oil Face Oil

  1. Marcelle

    I’ve found the Nourishing Face Oil a stupendous product with only using it for just over two weeks. My face looks healthy and radiantly replenished!! Being of a mature skin, wrinkles are softened and best of all my skin looks just as fresh without makeup!! It’s a must in my skincare routine now and can’t wait to purchase the Repairing Egg Peptide Face Cream when available.

  2. Gaynor

    This face oil feels so nourishing after months of lockdown the central heating drying ones skin . My skin is indeed glowing feeling the benefits of this product Using the properties of the egg is such a power house of nutrients it must be feeding my skin and it really is. My skin feels truly wonderful. I do not eat eggs which is a great shame but I am so happy to be this close to an egg. Thank you!

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