HDLevate™ 12 Pack

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A revolutionary new heart healthy supplement that will elevate your “good” cholesterol (HDL), reduce blood cholesterol and promote maintenance of cardiovascular health. Containing HDL (High Density Lipoproteins), naturally isolated from pasteurized egg yolk and odorless garlic extract. Now available in groups of 12 for a discounted price.

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A 3-capsule serving of HDLevate™ contains all the HDL normally found in 1 egg yolk. You can start your dosage at 9 capsules per day (3 eggs) for optimal health effects and reduce it down to 3 capsules for maintenance – dosage is completely flexible. We suggest looking at your overall size, activity level, and cholesterol score to help determine which dose would be most beneficial for you. You can find our dosage chart here.

Each serving also contains odorless garlic extract for additional cardiovascular benefits. Garlic extract has been approved by Health Canada as a natural way to reduce elevated blood lipid levels and the maintenance of cardiovascular health.

High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) are known as “good cholesterol”. Working in the blood, they carry plaque and fat away from arteries, bringing it to the liver to be removed from the body. High blood levels of HDL are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and other circulatory conditions. Dietary HDL has been shown in studies to increase blood HDL levels.

This product contains high quality, natural HDL carefully isolated from egg yolks so you can take in just the awesome healthy part of the yolk without all the added “bad cholesterol”.

Benefits of HDL:
  • Improve cholesterol breakdown in body
  • Reduction in overall cholesterol score
  • Stimulates natural HDL production
  • Acts as anti-inflammatory in arteries
  • Supports overall heart health

For more information about the benefits of HDL, please check out Ecovatec Solutions Inc’s White Paper and HDL Presentation

Find out more about the  benefits of garlic (approved by Health Canada).

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3 reviews for HDLevate™ 12 Pack

  1. Jeff J

    I started HDLevate in November 2018. By March 2019, my LDL and Triglycerides dropped considerably. As of May, 2019, my LDL dropped 58 % and my Triglycerides went down 67%. HDL went up 5%. (Apparently that is a good thing)

    What I really liked, was that I didn’t even change my diet or start some crazy exercise regime. (Even though I probably should have just to be healthier in general) It has now been 6 months and I will continue to take HDLevate.

    I highly recommend this product to help if you have ANY cholesterol concerns. Thank you Vitellus!

    Was – 5.79
    Now – 2.4
    58% Drop

    Was – 0.82
    Now – 0.86
    Increased 5%

    Was – 6.41
    Now – 2.12
    Dropped 67%

  2. Ian R

    I consider myself a “gym rat” and definitely watch what I eat. High cholesterol runs in my family and that is my motivation to look after my body. Not sure if it is my genes or just that I eat a lot of food to keep my energy levels up, but I am always being warned by my doctor that my cholesterol is high.

    I have tried Niacin supplements, Psyllium, Flax Seed, blah blah blah. So many natural products but my cholesterol did not get any better.

    I am now on month 3 of HDLevate and this is where I am at so far:

    Was – 4.3
    Now – 2.6
    Dropped 40%

    Was – 4.51
    Now – 2.25
    Dropped 50%

  3. I J

    My doctor originally prescribed me drugs last year to lower my cholesterol. I have heard and read a lot of bad things about taking these. A friend told me about HDLevate so I gave it a shot.

    I took 2 pills three times a day and then went down to 1 pill 3 times a day. My blood test showed my LDL went down 40%! (After 2 months)

    I lost a little weight too, but not sure if it is from this product.

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